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From Squatrz Cofounder Derek Gatehouse:

Derek Gatehouse of squatrz.com

*PLEASE READ THIS (it took 15 years to write)

Squatrz is a different kind of marketing tool.

Firstly, as a company, we’re straight up honest and transparent. Imagine. Honest marketers… it’s almost an oxymoron.

Most of you reading this already have a website and have tried a variety of marketing ideas and platforms (like Google Ads, Facebook, SEO, YouTube, TikTok, etc. etc.).

And the results are most often pretty lousy. But do you know why?

I mean, we all know that these different platforms work sometimes, for other people… so what’s going on when they don’t work?

The answer might surprise you, but it’s the truth: It’s your fault.

You see, getting Internet marketing to work these days involves doing about a hundred different things perfectly. I’m not exaggerating and I’m not going to list the things here (I’ll gladly talk your ear off on the phone another time) – but it’s true.

Every detail about the website, the messaging and call-to-action, the chosen marketing channel(s), the sales funnel and more – all have to be set up and aligned perfectly or it simply doesn’t work. And every year it’s getting worse.

So after running a “typical” marketing agency for over 15 years now – serving every industry and niche you can name – my cofounder Tom and I came to this conclusion:

90% of our clients really just want one thing from all these marketing headaches:

Good quality leads (inquiries) each month, at a cost that makes sense for the business.

So we had an idea.

We started to wonder how a perfect marketing strategy would perform. Perfect in every single detail. Would leads be better quality? Cheaper? Better ROI?

You see, we are usually constricted by clients who simply cannot address those hundred things. It’s just not realistic to ask most companies to redo their website and/or unique value proposition and/or answer chatbot inquiries and/or make marketing videos for YouTube and/or… you get the point.

So we started thinking, “If this was our website, and we built everything, and we had total control over where to spend the marketing dollars – it should do really well, right? I mean, we’re marketing experts, right?” (I got weirdly nervous at this point…)

And we did just that. We built a website in an industry we know well, and then set up paid ads with the platforms that we know work well for that industry. And while that might sound straightforward, remember there are those hundred little details that have to be perfect.

And did it work? You bet it did. Gangbusters. We got good leads at a lower cost-per-lead than we had ever seen for that industry. A higher volume of leads too.

So we started Squatrz.

Squatrz is a turnkey lead-generation website. It’s actually all set up and ready to go right now.

But it gets better.

We only rent one Squatrz website, to one company per industry, per city. We add your company’s details to the website and boom – you now have a second presence in Google’s search results. And we won’t rent to your competitors. You dominate your market.

And the best part?

All the paid marketing is set already (because organic traffic alone doesn’t cut it). We already know how and where to advertise for each industry we serve, and because of that, we already know what the results will be!

So for one monthly rental fee, you’re guaranteed a certain number of leads and inquiries. No extra ad fees and nothing to manage. And all leads are sent directly to your usual email and phone number.

You keep your current website of course, and do whatever other marketing you might want to do (you won’t need to, but many smart clients do anyway), while your Squatrz property sends you new leads each and every month.

How many leads are guaranteed you ask? And at what price?

Great questions. And the answers vary depending on your industry.

Which means this is the part where we chat.

If you’d like to hear what industries we serve (the list is growing weekly), the cost, and the number of leads you can expect – just reach out using the form below and we’ll have a chat.

No pressure, no chatbots – just a super chill, real human that will be honest and straight with you, not salesy (gross).

Thanks for reading. We look forward to watching you dominate your market. 😊

Reach Out!

*Just remember to tell us what your business is, and your location.